• Our company was invited to participate in "Japan chiba international motor technology exhibition" in April, 2018.
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    Our company was invited to participate in "Japan chiba international motor technology exhibition" on April 18, 2018.

    Japan chiba international electric motor technology exhibition Techno Frontier is held in the Tokyo curtain exhibition center of Japan. It has been held annually for 34 years.

    The exhibits include small precision motor, medium and large motor, control technology, measurement and analysis technology, materials, raw materials, technology and application products from civil to industrial use.

    At the same time, the exhibition of engineering exhibition, EMC noise countermeasures technology exhibition, environmental protection power generation technology exhibition, power system exhibition, battery technology exhibition, etc.

    The exhibition has become the most representative electrical and mechanical equipment and materials professional exhibition in Asia.

    At the fair, we not only understand the science and technology, new products and new technology of all kinds of parts and components industry, but also to the Techno have benefited a lot from Frontier exhibition of high-tech market, with users and decision makers face to face communication, is an opportunity not to be missed.

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